Elliott Wave Intermarket Update Feb 5th 2020

Elliott Wave Analysis by Fernando Luna

Stock are strong as hell now but don’t know if they have much room up as they are near all-time highs.  The move up so far is in three so things could turn sour soon.  A move above the all-time could be counter corrective so what retrace fibs.  Bitcoin is on the move again.  Could be in a 3rd of a 3d of an impulse that could take the crypto to the 27500!   Gold is breaking down again along with silver.  However, i want to see a push below lower price support before getting all bearish.  Until then there might be a pop up above the 1611 high. But do not think so.  Oil, CRB and the 10-year yield have hit critical support in five waves. Looking for all three to move up in reactionary corrective waves before they roll over again–most likely. The Euro once again stinks! Techs looks bearish as hell on the major.

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