XRPUSD better known as Ripple is most likely basing up in a Minuette Wave-(ii).   The move up from the 0.2188 September 23 low to the 0.3160 November 6th high counts a complete leading diagonal.  The dramatic drop which ensued is text book after a leading first wave at this degree.   Also, BTCUSD is dropping looking to base in a second wave also.  The counts look good.

So far Ripple has retraced just past the 38.2% now trading at the 0.2739.  Support are the Fib levels all the way down and past the 100%.

However, the Elliott Wave count down from the November high is looking like a double zigzag trying to complete its A of Y. 

Support is down at the 0.2672 38.2% CvA.  Now this could drop further. I will be watching for it. This support zone I key.  It was the start of a 3rd of a 3rd which kicked off from the 0.2672 Oct 24th low—a good time to buy. 

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